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Nestlé for Healthier Kids


At Nestlé, we believe that by helping new generations eat and drink better and be more active, we can enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future.

This is how we started more than 150 years ago when our founder Henri Nestlé created an infant cereal that saved the life of a child.

This is how we continue to act, by launching Nestlé for Healthier Kids, an initiative that federates all our efforts to support parents & caregivers on their journey to raise healthier kids.

Enabling healthier and happier lives

From leading research to product development, from education to innovative nutrition and lifestyle services, our ambition is to help 50 million children lead healthier lives by 2030. Find out more about our three focus areas.

Nestlé brands for healthier kids

Driven by our company purpose – enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future – we are focusing on ensuring that our products enable healthier lives.

We continue to voluntarily reduce sugar and salt in our products and include more nutritious ingredients like fruits, vegetables, spices, fibre-rich grains and micronutrients.

Every day, we leverage our marketing efforts to promote healthy cooking, eating and lifestyles.

<em>Nespray</em> commits to nutrition education
Nespray commits to nutrition education

Nespray supports every mother’s love to nurture a healthy future for their children.

Raising well-rounded, self-confident children capable of finding their path in life is no easy job. It requires effort, dedication, perseverance, even courage…and a bit of help.

That is why Nespray has been by the side of mothers for generations, supporting children’s comprehensive growth and development.

Nespray offers tailored nutrition for young children, with a range of dairy-based products that address the key nutritional requirements of children, from nutrients that support learning, immunity and growth to micronutrient fortifications like iron, calcium, vitamin A and D.

<em>Milo</em> inspires millions of children to grow with sports in their lives
Milo inspires millions of children to grow with sports in their lives

Milo inspires millions of kids to grow with sports.

Doing sports regularly is essential to a healthy lifestyle, but too often kids prefer to stay at home, playing with electronic devices. At Milo, we believe that sports are essential for kids’ development because it teaches them life skills and values that will help them succeed in life. This is why we are committed to enabling more kids to play sports regularly.

Committed to “Fuelling the Winning Spirit,” Milo has been at the forefront of supporting school sports from grass roots level for over 30 years. Inspiring consumers to achieve their best by supporting their drive to succeed, Milo has been able to encourage hundreds of thousands of children to be physically active, and support many promising athletes in their careers.

Further, Milo has strengthened its core brand promise of wholesome and balanced nutrition with its annual ‘Mom, Me and My Milo’ event, where it donates bicycles to thousands of children and organises a cycle parade to demonstrate that getting active can be fun too.

Milo is Nestlé’s world leading chocolate malt beverage, fortified with vitamins and minerals. Made from fresh milk collected from thousands of Sri Lankan farmers, Milo encourages the consumption of milk amongst children.


<em>Maggi</em> transmits the goodness of homemade cooking to families
Maggi transmits the goodness of homemade cooking to families

Maggi helps millions of families to cook tasty and balanced meals.

Studies have shown that when kids cook with their parents, they are more likely to eat food they often reject, like vegetables or salads.

At Maggi, we understand the power of homemade cooking. This is why we are committed to inspiring families to cook tasty and balanced homemade meals every day, with the fresh ingredients they love.

We are transforming our products, with simpler and healthier ingredients.

<em>Nestlé Breakfast Cereals</em> inspires families to enjoy a balanced breakfast
Nestlé Breakfast Cereals inspires families to enjoy a balanced breakfast

Nestlé Breakfast Cereals inspires families to enjoy a balanced breakfast.

Studies show that many children are not getting enough whole grain in their diets. Too often they skip breakfast or don’t get enough from it.

At Nestlé Breakfast Cereals, we believe that a better breakfast is more than a good start to the day - it’s the foundation for a better future.

We’ve made wholegrain the number one ingredient in our children’s products and are further reducing sugar. Most of our breakfast cereals for children are also fortified with at least seven vitamins and two minerals.

We’re helping parents create a balanced breakfast, with guidance on portion size and inspiring food combinations, so that children can enjoy a nutritious and tasty start to the day.

<em>Nestlé Nutrition</em> caters to specific infant and child nutrition needs
Nestlé Nutrition caters to specific infant and child nutrition needs

As children grow older, they gradually step out of their mother’s protective care and venture on their own to explore the world, increasing their need for enhanced protection and nutrition.

The digestive system plays an important role in immunity. Picky eaters who do not eat enough fruits and vegetables might not be getting the required nutrients needed to support their immune system.

Nangrow and Lactogrow are milk powders for toddlers between 2 to 5 years, especially designed with essential nutrients to support normal growth and strengthen a child’s natural defense system by promoting a friendly oral and gut flora. Nespray 1+ with FORTIPROTECT™ contains the unique combination of Prebio 1™, Iron, Selenium, Zinc and other nutrients that support your growing child’s nutritional needs. Ceregrow is a nutritionally complete cereal with milk for toddlers older than one year. It is the only toddler cereal in Sri Lanka enriched with Probiotics to help reinforce a child’s immunity.