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A uniquely Sri Lankan product that has been a household name in the country for over 50 years, Nestomalt today is Sri Lanka’s best loved, iconic malted food drink brand bringing ‘Power, Strength and Energy for Body and Mind’ from the golden goodness of malt extract, vitamin B and the essential nutrients of milk.

For Sri Lankan mothers seeking to nourish their children and support them to excel in all that they do, Nestomalt caters perfectly to the energy requirements of any active lifestyle by providing its golden, energising 'first cup of the day’. So, go on…. have your first cup for the day and re-vitalise yourself with Nestomalt

Read about Nestomalt’s over 50 year long history here

*100g of Nestomalt contains 1.4mg of Vit. B, 1.22mg of Vit. B2, 13.71mg of
Vit. B3, 1.82mg of Vit. B6, 4.93mg of Vit. B5, 0.96µg of Vit. B12 and
114.6µg of Vit. B7