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History of Nestomalt

A uniquely Sri Lankan product, Nestomalt is the country’s No. 1 malted beverage. It was first developed by Nestlé Australia and later introduced to our island in 1959. Sri Lankans fell in love with the brand - consuming it mainly as an energising and nutritious enhancer. It was then that we decided to manufacture it locally in 1984 at our factory in Pannala. Nestomalt is only manufactured in Sri Lanka today and remains the flagship brand of Nestle Lanka.

Nestomalt Sri lanka history

With its golden goodness of malted barley and the wholesome nutrition of milk, Nestomalt is enriched with essential nutrients to help with many functions such as:

  • Energy yielding metabolism supported by vitamins B2, B3, B6 and B1
  • Learning and concentration supported by vitamins B6, B12, iron and vitamin
  • Strong bones and muscles supported by calcium and vitamin D
  • Immunity supported by vitamins B6, B12, C, D and iron

Our flagship brand has also been a key driver of several signature events in Sri Lanka for the past few decades, providing Sri Lankans with power, strength and energy to engage in activities.

As an exclusively local brand, Nestomalt has been present in a vast number of unique cultural events

Nestomalt ‘Bak Mahe Ran Kadella’ is a series of events held across the Island during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, bringing together two cultures to celebrate the season of prosperity.

True to the brand’s belief in charging progress, Nestomalt has also been strengthening bonds not just within communities, but across them as well. The iconic Kandy Esala Perahera, sacred Madu church festival and vibrant Nallur Kovil festival are just a few highlights which take place each year.

With the ‘family unit’ at its core, Nestomalt has been hosting ‘Ran Kadella’ events yearly to strengthen family bonds through fun, family activities and games.

The brand is also the proud sponsor and organiser of Sri Lanka’s biggest marathons, having done so for over 30 years. These marathons have become much more than a sporting event; they test endurance and concentration. Nestomalt has made a difference for many rural communities by providing an opportunity for talented athletes to be discovered, many of whom have gone on to represent the country

In line with its objective to support ‘focused learning’ and ‘higher concentration’ in students, Nestomalt launched ‘Buddhi Prabhodaya’ in 2019 in partnership with the Ministry of Education. It is a platform that conducts educational competitions, seminars and webinars on key subjects related to local Ordinary Level and Advanced Level syllabi. The platform was digitized in 2020 with events held online for students. In 2020, Nestomalt launched its one-of-a-kind ‘SALARY for LIFE’ campaign, with the aim of rewarding one loyal consumer a year with Rs. 50,000 every month until they turn 55, to help them achieve their ambitions to progress in life.

100% ready to power your family’s progress, Nestomalt prepares your body and mind to face everyday challenges.

*100g of NESTOMALT contains; 698mg of Calcium, 17mg of Iron, 79mg of Vitamin C, 6mcg of Vitamin D, 2mg of Vitamin B2, 21mg of Vitamin B3, 2mg of Vitamin B6, 3mcg of Vitamin B12