A uniquely Sri Lankan product that has been a household name in the country since 1964, Nestomalt today is Sri Lanka's best loved, iconic malted food drink brand.

Nestomalt Sri lanka history

Nestomalt was first developed by Nestlé in Australia and later introduced to our island. Sri Lankans fell in love with the product - consuming it mainly as an energising and nutritious enhancer with the nation’s staple drink, tea.

With the golden goodness of malted barley and the essential nutrients of milk, Nestomalt is enriched with vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron and calcium, and provides the mind and body, with power, strength and energy to positively charge every family’s progress.

Nestomalt is only manufactured in Sri Lanka today and remains Nestlé Lanka’s biggest brand.

*100g of Nestomalt contain 536mg of calcium, 13.5mg of iron, 54mg of vitamin C, 4μg of vitamin D, 0.7mg of vitamin B2, 8mg of vitamin B3, 0.7mg of vitamin B6 and 1.3μg of vitamin B12