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Why Nestlé needs YOUth?

We believe that communities cannot thrive if they fail to offer a bright future for younger generations. That is why we are determined to help young people develop their skills so that they can find fulfilling jobs, or create their own businesses. This helps us build thriving, resilient communities.

Launched locally in 2016, our Nestlé needs YOUth initiative helps equip young people with the skills they need to thrive in tomorrow’s workplaces. Through this initiative we have touched over 10,000 Sri Lankan youth, helping them take the next step in their life.

We’re passionate about nurturing the talents and dreams of our youth to ensure a sustainable future for them. Take a look at how we’re enhancing the employability of young people in Sri Lanka.

Our partnerships

MOU with the University of Kelaniya

We signed a MoU with the University of Kelaniya’s Department of Marketing Management in 2018 where we came on board as strategic partner for the University’s ‘Certified Professional Marketing Graduate (CPMG)’ programme. The programme offers high performing students an additional professional qualification in marketing on top of their degree. As part of CPMG, the top 30 students following the University’s ‘Diploma in People Skills’ are taught and trained by us for three months on 15 subjects covering Collaboration, Leadership, Innovation and Personal Development. Students also participate in field and factory visits for an in-depth insight and real experience of the market. The top 10 students of each batch are awarded a six month marketing or sales internship at Nestlé.



We formed an alliance with AIESEC in 2020 to play a role in developing the leadership potential of Sri Lankan youth. AIESEC is a global youth-led organisation with over 1,000 local members and a presence in eight local universities. It offers an array of programmes for youth including leadership conferences, capacity building workshops and global volunteer / entrepreneur scholarships for youth and employees. It also conducts recruitments for organisations.


Management Trainee Programme

Our Management Trainee Programme has been successful for years. A comprehensive one year programme, it gives management trainees exposure to the entire company from grass-roots level, offering cross functional stints and on-the-job training to mold them to into becoming our future leaders. In fact, many of our company’s senior management joined Nestlé as Management Trainees.


Internship Programme

Our Internship Programme provides on-the-job training and work familiarisation for undergraduates, to give them solid work experience that will serve them well in their future careers.


!nTouch with Nestlé

We conduct work readiness sessions for university students on CV writing, facing interviews, career guidance and tips through digital media, job fairs, CV clinics and soft skill building workshops to help bridge the gap between academics and the expectations of corporates. We have reached over 15,000 youth since 2016 through this initiative.


What is Diversity & Inclusion at Nestlé?

Diversity & Inclusion is an integral part of our company’s culture and is one of the ways we bring our purpose to life.

Our values are rooted in respect: respect for ourselves, for each other, respect for diversity, and respect for the future. We aim to embed diversity & inclusion across everything we do, focused on three core areas: Culture – building an inclusive culture that values the different talents and experiences of our employees; Innovation – innovating to serve the needs of our diverse consumers and customers; and Society – engaging with communities in the diverse markets where we operate.

In order to drive a diverse and inclusive culture, our selection process is geared to recruit the right people whose values are rooted in respect. We embed gender balance in all our Human Resource practices and mandate various trainings including unconscious bias to drive inclusivity.

Additionally, we have flexible work arrangements as well as mentoring and coaching for women, and strive to offer dual career support wherever possible, globally. We are also governed by our parental policy where we consider the needs of primary and secondary caregivers.


Women In Nestlé (WIN)

WIN, a volunteer group formed to support female employees, is now providing readiness-for-work workshops for both female and male students from rural universities, as well as differently abled young adults.