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The planet

The planet
Stewarding resources for future generations

Our 2030 ambition is to strive for zero impact in our operations


As the world's largest food and beverages company, Nestlé can shape sustainable consumption and steward resources for future generations. We focus our efforts on reducing water use across our operations, using sustainably managed and renewable resources and working towards our goal of zero waste.

Our work focuses on three areas and is supported by these commitments:

  • Caring for water
  • Acting on climate change
  • Safeguarding the environment
Tackling Plastic Pollution

Find out what actions we have taken to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment.

Water Conservation Programmes

Have a look at the ways in which we create awareness about water conservation.

Drinking Water Fountains

Check what facilities we have built to supply clean drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people in rural communities.

Climate Change

Read about our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our operations.

Air Emissions

Learn about the many measures we have taken to reduce adverse air emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Waste and Recovery

Discover what we do to reach our end goal of achieving zero waste and recovering unavoidable by-products.

Spreading the Message of Our Full Environmental Commitment

Read about what awareness building activities we do to increase the understanding of environmental conservation amongst internal and external stakeholders.

Green Distribution Centre

Check out our redesigned environmentally friendly Distribution Centre, which helps us use less natural resources for our operations.

Achieving ‘Zero Water Discharge’

Did you know we are a ‘Zero Water Discharge’ factory? Learn more.

Improving the Environmental Impact of Our Products

Learn how we use the life-cycle assessment (LCA) to help us improve the environmental performance of our products.

Raw Materials

Discover how we help improve the environmental sustainability practices of our suppliers.


Learn how our NCE (Nestlé Continuous Excellence) practices are improving our efficiency, quality and environmental performance throughout our manufacturing operations.


Did you know we support initiatives to recycle or recover energy from used packaging? Find out more.

Transport and Distribution

Find out how we monitor our environmental performance and improve efficiency across our transport and distribution network.

Achieving ‘Zero Waste for Disposal’

Did you know our factory has achieved ‘Zero Waste for Disposal’? Learn more.