Nespray FortiGrow

Combining the goodness of local fresh milk and our global expertise in child nutrition, Nespray FortiGrow is a rich source of calcium and is enriched with vitamins A and D*. It is a milk powder specially formulated to address the key nutritional requirements of school aged children, with nutrients that support learning, immunity and growth.

Nespray Everyday

Nespray Everyday too is manufactured locally, maintaining the highest quality standards we are renowned for throughout the world. With more than 33% of young children in Sri Lanka being iron deficient and 29% of them being vitamin A deficient, Nespray Everyday is richly enriched with iron, vitamin A and vitamin D** to complement the benefits of milk.

Nespray Nutri-Up

Our Nespray (Ready-To-Drink) RTD range includes Nespray Nutri-Up, offering the wholesome goodness of local fresh milk, enriched with vitamins A and D***. Available in the delicious flavours of vanilla and strawberry, Nespray Nutri-Up brings you tasty nutrition on-the-go!

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*100g of Nespray FortiGrow contain 845mg of calcium, 450µg of vitamin A and 8.1µg of vitamin D
**100g of Nespray Everyday contain 19.5mg of iron, 667µg of vitamin A and 13.3µg of vitamin D
***100ml of Nespray Nutri-Up contain 200µg of vitamin A and 3.3µg of vitamin D