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Achieving Zero Water Discharge


Our Kurunegala factory, which manufactures more than 90% of the Nestlé products sold in Sri Lanka, opened a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant in 2015 to help us become a 'zero water discharge' factory.

Currently all our wastewater is treated and purified before being released into the environment. However ‘zero water discharge’ means that all our industrial wastewater will not only be treated and purified but also recycled so it can be used again in our operations.

Costing approximately Rs. 100 million, the RO plant helps us purify wastewater to drinking water and also helps improve the efficiency of our boilers, as we will not use as much water as in the past. It will also improve the safety of our boilers by reducing the use of chemicals and eliminating the risk of contamination.

The RO plant reduces our factory’s use of water by 5571 m3 per year, equivalent to the amount of water 35 households would use over 12 months. It also helps us save 2,946 GJ of energy every year in our operations, equivalent to the amount of electricity 1,100 households would use over 12 months.