Nespray FortiGrow


Nespray FortiGrow, is a Hi-Calcium milk drink designed to support the nutritional needs of school-aged children. It is developed with the support of scientists at the Nestlé Research Center, which is the largest R&D network of any food company in the world. Made with the goodness of high quality Sri Lankan fresh milk, Nespray FortiGrow offers a delicious vanilla taste and is enriched with calcium and other essential nutrients like iron, protein, B-vitamins, zinc, and vitamins A, C and D. These nutrients support normal cognitive function, growth, and maintenance of the immune system in children. Whilst calcium-rich foods are an important part of a child’s diet, vitamin D helps support the absorption of calcium.

Nespray FortiGrow is manufactured at Nestlé’s state of the art factory in Kurunegala and is available at outlets islandwide.