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Nangrow is a milk formula for children from 2-5 years old and is intended to ensure the continuation of goodness of nutrition given by a milk diet up to five years of age.

As children grow older, they gradually step out of their mother’s protective care and venture on their own to explore the world, increasing their need for enhanced protection and nutrition. Digestive system plays an important role in immune defenses in the body. Picky eaters who do not eat enough fruits and vegetables might not be getting the required nutrients needed to support their immune system.

Nangrow is a milk formula for 2 to 5 years children especially designed to provide your toddler with essential nutrients to support normal growth and strengthen a child’s natural defense system and growth by promoting a friendly oral and gut flora.

Researches view:

Naturally active probiotic culture that may help reinforce baby’s immunity.

1.Lactobacillus Protective culture helps develop a friendly oral flora.

2.Special fatty acid blend, high in unsaturated fatty acids known for its long term health benefits.

3.B complex vitamins that helps normal energy release in food.

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