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Nestlé unveils rich delicious Milkmaid Choco Topping to help dessert lovers make ordinary desserts extraordinary

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Synonymous with mouth-watering desserts, Milkmaid is continuing to delight dessert lovers with a new variant in its portfolio, Milkmaid Choco Topping. The new innovation combines all the favourite things people love about Milkmaid – namely, its famous milky caramelised taste – with delicious high quality cocoa, to offer consumers a rich irresistible chocolatey sauce with a subtle hazelnut flavour.


Milkmaid Choco Topping will help home cooks easily transform the most ordinary meal times into extraordinary moments. As versatile as it is delicious, the topping can be used across a range of food and drinks; including ice cream, waffles, pancakes, milkshakes, and even as a spread for bread or a dip for fruit.

Said Ruwan Welikala, Nestlé Vice President – Dairy: “Milkmaid has always been about empowering people to create delicious desserts of their choice. Every great dessert Chef dazzles their desserts with a fancy dessert sauce, and we want to help Milkmaid fans enhance their desserts in the same way. We’re pleased to offer Milkmaid Choco Topping to help Milkmaid fans transform even the most ordinary and simplest of desserts into extraordinary dishes, adding both presentation and exciting taste.”


Tasting just as fresh as a silky-smooth homemade chocolate sauce, Milkmaid Choco Topping benefits from Nestlé’s world leading expertise in food technology as well as the culinary skills of renowned Chefs, who worked together to develop a superior recipe.

Said Shivani Hegde, Nestlé Managing Director: “We strongly believe that variety adds to the pleasure of food, and Nestlé is uniquely placed to deliver variety within a balanced diet. Our product range is designed to include several options for every moment of the day, for every eating occasion, and for all family members. Milkmaid has been trusted for generations as a versatile dessert ingredient and we’re pleased to help consumers enhance their meals with desserts that stand out with Milkmaid Choco Topping.”


Creamy and delicious, Milkmaid is made with the goodness of fresh milk that is sourced from pastures across the country, from hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankan farmers. It is manufactured at Nestlé’s state-of-the-art factory in Kurunegala, upholding the high quality standards Nestlé is renowned for across the world.

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