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Nestlé and Dialog Enterprise launch Sri Lanka’s first automated food cold storage temperature monitoring solution

Delivers hi-tech advancements in storage quality assurance
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Nestlé Lanka has launched an innovative solution for managing and monitoring its cold storage temperature, developed by premier business solutions provider, Dialog Enterprise. The solution is the first of its kind in the local food industry. It will automize the maintenance of optimal conditions for Nestlé’s cold storage of raw materials, by triggering alarms and push SMS alerts if there are fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Unlike the previous manual monitoring system, the new solution will help enhance Nestlé Lanka’s best-in-class stringent quality management systems, by leveraging advanced technology, connectivity platforms, and data analytics.

“Ensuring quality and food safety is our top priority and applies to all our products, systems and services. We take pride in the fact that Nestlé’s name on a product is a guarantee of quality, and work hard every day to continue improving this key strength. We’re pleased to partner with Dialog Enterprise in launching this industry first” said Fabrice Cavallin, Managing Director of Nestlé Lanka PLC.


‘‘The cold storage temperature monitoring solution recently launched by Nestlé is a great example of open innovation, where both the Nestlé and Dialog Enterprise Solution teams worked together to create business value. We are pleased to support a global brand and company such as Nestlé to maintain its high food safety standards.’’ said Supun Weerasinghe, Group Chief Executive Officer of Dialog Axiata PLC.

Dialog Enterprise’s Cold Room Temperature Monitoring System (CTMS), based on state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) technology, improves operational efficiency and quality control. In addition to temperature and humidity monitoring, the solution offers cloud data collection and storage for data analytics. Further, it has an active roadmap to leverage interconnectivity, automation, machine learning and real-time analytics to adapt to industry 4.0 applications and further enhance cold chain logistics.

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