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Our programmes and services:

Nestlé Family Club

We launched our Nestlé Family Club to help Sri Lankans achieve a healthier lifestyle. It provides tips and support by nutritionists, wellness experts and other like-minded people to help Sri Lankans get healthier together.


Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme

We launched the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme in 2010 in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the University of Peradeniya to develop an interactive, modern and easy-to-understand Nutrition Awareness Programme for school-aged children.

Consisting of six different modules, the programme is part of the Education Ministry’s “Poshanayai Suwadiviyai” (Nutrition for a Healthy Life) nutrition awareness campaign today, and is taught in schools as an extra-curricular subject by Ministry educationists.

Since the launch of the programme, we have taught over 21,000 school children about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in different parts of the country.


Nestlé Healthy Kids E-Learning Programme

To help parents teach their kids about nutrition, health, food safety and hygiene, we, along with the Ministry of Education, launched an e-learning version of our long-running Nestlé Healthy Kids programme. It is Sri Lanka’s first official ‘Nutrition and Wellness’ (Poshanayai Suwadiviyai) e-learning programme, hosted on

The e-learning programme features a modern, interactive learning style, with engaging content designed to support the school curriculum. It consists of six modules, with an assessment at the end of each, and is available in all three languages. Those scoring above 60% will receive an official certificate from the Ministry of Education.


Kids Athletics Programme

The Kids Athletics Programme is the physical activity component of the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme. A joint collaboration with the Sports Division of the Ministry of Education, it instructs children on the importance of physical activity and teaches basic exercise through athletic training and awareness building events across the country.

The programme now conducts Sri Lanka’s only team-based all island athletic competition for primary schools, launched in 2017, to encourage children to live an active lifestyle from a young age.

Since the launch of the programme, we have successfully helped over 550,000 children to be physically active.


Nestlé Choose Wellness Programme

The Nestlé Choose Wellness Nutri-Corner is an educational initiative that continues to be implemented across urban and rural areas. Trained qualified dieticians and experts provide much needed individual nutritional counselling to thousands of people around the island every year for free, helping them understand the importance of nutrition, and assessing their nutritional status through BMI (Body Mass Index), blood pressure etc.

Since the inception of the programme, we have helped over 350,000 consumers make informed choices about their food and beverages through our Nutri-Corners.


‘Mom, Me and My Milo’ Campaign

Milo holds its ‘Mom, Me and My Milo’ campaign each year, to encourage kids to live a healthy lifestyle and promote the importance of a healthy breakfast.

At the event, the brand hosts a breakfast gathering, where a crowd of thousands, including children and their parents, raise their Milo cups and pledge to have a healthy breakfast every day. Each year, 1,000 children also receive bicycles and participate in a cycle parade, organized by Milo, to demonstrate that getting active can be fun too.


Milo sponsored school sporting events

By supporting national sport events for over three decades, we have been able to encourage hundreds of thousands of adults and children to be physically active, and support many promising athletes in their careers.

We have been an energetic partner in the school sports arena, supporting different sporting events such as swimming, netball, athletics, hockey and rugby through our Milo brand.

The grand finalé of the schools’ sports calendar is the Sri Lanka Schools Colours Awards (popularly known as the Milo School Colours Awards), which honours the best sport stars in recognition of their performance.


Nestomalt marathons

Nestomalt, our flagship brand is the proud sponsor and organiser of Sri Lanka’s biggest marathons, having done so for over 30 years. These marathons have become much more than a sporting event; they test endurance and concentration.

We have made a difference for many rural communities by providing an opportunity for talented athletes to be discovered, many of whom have gone on to represent the country


Understanding food labelling


Nutrition Information and Labelling

Our packaging plays an important role in enhancing nutritional understanding. We have a number of tools on pack that offer portion advice, and information on nutritional value and calorie content.

The Nestlé Nutritional Compass

Our consumers can learn more about what they consume through our Nestlé Nutritional Compass. The compass presents a variety of information including the nutritional composition of each product, contact details for more information and, whenever possible, lifestyle and nutrition tips. The Nestlé Nutritional Compass is displayed on all our products.


Guideline Daily Amount (GDA)

Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) is a nutrition label on-pack that helps consumers put the nutrition information they read into context of their overall diet. It offers guidelines for healthy adults and children on the approximate amount of calories (energy), fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, total sugars, sucrose (added sugar), fibre, protein and sodium / salt. We have incorporated GDA labelling to promote transparency on-pack for relevant products, to help our consumers make better nutritional choices.


Portion guidance

Around the world, inappropriate portion sizes contribute to imbalanced eating habits and lead to adverse health outcomes. Our Nestlé Portion Guidance Programme is a voluntary initiative to promote healthy consumption. It focuses on helping consumers understand the nutritional value of what they are consuming and redefines their portion habits.

Our products provide portion guidance through product form (e.g., single serve) and/or on-pack communication. We also offer portion guidance on our recipe websites and nutrition education programmes.

Supporting breastfeeding

We support the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation to exclusively breastfeed infants for the first six months of life, followed by the introduction of adequate nutritious complementary foods, along with sustained breastfeeding up to two years of age and beyond.