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Programmes & services

Promoting good nutrition to parents, caregivers and children

Adopting good nutrition practices from an early age is essential to becoming a healthy adult. However, establishing healthy eating, drinking and lifestyle habits is not always easy or intuitive for parents and caregivers.

For children and adolescents, our large-scale grassroots and online programmes provide parents and caregivers with practical tools and solutions to help them raise healthier kids. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, our school-dedicated modules – the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme and Kids Athletics Programme - empowers teachers and children with nutrition education and promotes healthy lifestyles in the school environment. Our Milo brand is also helping to encourage an active lifestyle amongst school children by supporting national school sports and creating awareness of the importance of a healthy breakfast.

A robust 'Marketing Communication to Children' policy

Our communication is supported by an industry-leading Policy on Marketing Communication to Children (pdf, 6Mb). All communication to children follows responsible marketing principles and is limited to foods and beverages meeting specific nutritional profiles.