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As a company, we have always cared deeply for our people and for our communities. In the current COVID-19 pandemic we know we have an important role to play. Here are all the actions we’ve taken:

Our consumers and community

Nestlé’s mission hasn’t changed. We’re dedicated to enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future for our consumers and our community. In times of need, we continue to prioritise supporting and caring for those who need it most.

  • We have contributed a total of Rs. 50 million so far to help those impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. In our second phase of relief efforts, we are joined by our employees, who are voluntarily contributing part of their salaries to help those in need with PPE (personal protective equipment) and food and beverage donations. We are matching all employee donations on a one-to-one basis.
  • These will be directed to vulnerable families who have had their livelihoods impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as to medical workers and the forces at the center of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. These include the Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH), Public Health Inspectors (PHIs), Army and Police.
  • We are taking care of our consumers by continuing to ensure food supply, and enabling them to access the food and beverages they know and love in this difficult time. We are also supporting them to cope with the impact of COVID-19, by providing tips to work from home, manage their families, easy recipes for quick nutritious meals, and more.

Take a look at some Good Food Good Life tips shared by our own Nestlé employees to help you stay positive and live happier while at home.

Take a look at some Good Food Good Life tips shared by our own Nestlé employees to help you stay positive and live happier while at home.

Click here to access the latest news about our relief efforts to our consumers and communities.

Our people

The safety of our employees is our top priority. All of our employees, in particular our factory, distribution, and sales teams, are working hard each day to continue providing food and beverages to our consumers. We’re incredibly proud of the work our teams are doing to help feed our neighbours, friends, colleagues, and country.

Watch how we have made our factory a safe place to work, so that we can serve millions of Sri Lankans with their favourite Nestlé food and beverages during these difficult times.

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As our employees rise to the new challenges this crisis brings, we’re providing extra support to make sure they’re properly taken care of:

  • We have closely followed health recommendations by the WHO and Sri Lankan health authorities to implement safe working arrangements. These include work segregation, social distancing, safe transportation, temperature monitoring, using sanitisers and masks, and working from home.
  • At our factory and distribution centre, we have increased the frequency of our disinfecting and cleaning. This is also extended to the company vehicles used to transport our staff.
  • For our sales force in the field, we have minimised our sales routes and visits, and focused on tele-sales as much as possible.
  • We have ensured the rest of our employees have the resources they need to work from home. We procured dongles, increased data packages, ensured everyone had their laptops with them, and even sent office desktops to employees’ houses if required.
  • We are supporting all our employees with regular communication on safety, hygiene, and health, and have provided guidance for self-declaration and self-isolation if they or a family member are at risk of infection. We also roll out a number of virtual engagement programmes and other supportive material to our employees every week, to support their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • We have pledged special leave (without reducing sick, annual or other paid leave) in the event an employee is impacted by COVID-19.
  • We have expanded our employees’ health insurance benefits to cover online consultations, prescription delivery, and prescribed COVID-19 testing.

Please note that all of our foods and beverages are safe for consumption as the virus cannot survive in packaged food and beverages, including bottled water. We apply the strictest hygiene measures in our factory.

Our suppliers and partners

For the last 114 years, we have cared deeply about the welfare of our farmers, suppliers and business partners. Today, we’re continuing to stand with them by doing whatever is in our power to help fight this pandemic:

  • We are continuing to buy milk from our 14,000 farmers, to ensure their livelihoods are protected in these uncertain times. We are also supporting other farmers unable to find buyers for their milk, by purchasing their milk where possible, to ensure they continue to receive an income.
  • We are working closely with our suppliers to help them adapt their processes to work with minimal staff. We are also supporting and guiding them through the protocols necessary to set up operations, in line with national health and safety recommendations.
  • To help minimise financial impact for our distributor partners, we are helping them set up mobile stores and home delivery business models, and to supply to e-commerce sites. The company is also providing its distributor sales reps masks, sanitisers and regular guidance on health and safety measures.