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Traditional spices and herbs, loved and trusted in Sri Lankan cooking, is added to your favourite Maggi noodles to bring great taste

Nestlé invites consumers to learn how Maggi noodles is made with #MyMaggi ‘Know More About What You Love’ campaign
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Maggi lovers across the country can now learn more about their favourite noodles brand and all its delicious ingredients through Nestlé’s ‘Know More About What You Love’ campaign on The delicious noodles product is using traditional spices and herbs, loved and trusted in Sri Lankan cooking, to enhance taste. These include coriander, cardamom, turmeric, cumin, black pepper, nutmeg, fenugreek, aniseed, chilli, garlic, ginger, rampe and curry leaves. The Maggi noodles range is also enriched with calcium and is SLS certified by SLSI (Sri Lanka Standards Institute), in recognition of its high quality and food safety standards.


The ‘Know More About What You Love’ campaign details Maggi’s conscious efforts to use natural and familiar ingredients in its products, similar to the ingredients a Sri Lankan consumer would use when cooking at home. It tells the story of how Maggi noodles is made and what it’s made of, offering behind-the-scene peeks into the key elements that go into making a delicious bowl of Maggi noodles.


Said Priyadarshinie Karunaratne, Vice President – Food at Nestlé Lanka: “Nestlé’s iconic Maggi brand has been a Sri Lankan favourite for over three generations, and has always been about creating good food moments. Over the years, Maggi has continued to evolve to ensure we stay relevant to our consumers and offer them what they want – taste, quality and convenience. We now look forward to delighting Maggi fans across the country by helping them learn more about what they love. Our new website shows engaging videos that explain the key stages of the Maggi noodle production process, and offers a portal for consumers to type questions and receive answers about the product. We invite our consumers to ‘Cook the Difference’ with Maggi.

The company has also opened its factory doors to Maggi consumers via a competition on social media. They will be able to interact with Nestlé staff, ask questions about the product, witness first-hand the process of making a batch of Maggi noodles, and be invited to a cook-out themed ‘Cook the Difference’ to enjoy exciting Maggi meals.


Said Fabrice Cavallin, Nestlé Lanka Managing Director: “Today’s consumers seek more information about products than ever before. As a transparent and responsible company, we take pride in giving them the answers they seek. Maggi has a tremendous equity in Sri Lanka and has always been consumer-centric. We want to uphold the trust our consumers have placed in the brand for generations, and are proud to empower consumers to learn more about how their favourite Maggi noodles is made.”





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