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Creamy, delicious and rich in calcium, NESTLÉ a+™ full cream UHT milk enters the market

Made from high quality fresh milk collected from ~20,000 Sri Lankan farmers, to cater to growing demand for liquid milk
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Consumers are in for a treat with the all-new NESTLÉ a+full creamUHT milk. Creamy and delicious, NESTLÉ a+is made with the finest fresh milk, sourced from approximately 20,000 Sri Lankan farmers. Benefiting from Nestlé’s more than 150-year international dairy expertise, the high-quality product offers nutrient-packed goodness, a rich creamy taste and convenience all in one. Additionally, consumers can rest assured that purchasing NESTLÉ a+ benefits local farmers; contributing to their livelihoods by creating increased demand for local milk.

Said Ruwan Welikala, Nestlé Vice President - Ambient Dairy: “Nestlé started with dairy-based products over 150 years ago and we still benefit from this expertise today. The Nestlé name on a product is a promise of quality and that’s why we ensure our milk is perfect right from the start. We train all of our farmers to produce milk to the highest quality standards and nurture the milk sourcing process every step of the way; ensuring that what reaches our consumers is nothing but the best. Our consumers already benefit from a range of world-leading dairy products through Nestlé and we’re proud to offer yet another world-class product made with local milk.”


Milk is naturally rich in calcium and a range of other key nutrients. It is in fact considered one of the best sources of calcium to maintain healthy bones, skin and teeth, and is far more appealing to most children over other calcium-rich food, making it a popular choice for parents. The fact that the benefits of milk can be reaped well into adulthood has created a growing demand for liquid milk; as consumers lean towards convenience and the Sri Lankan government actively encourages the consumption of liquid milk, especially among children.

Sri Lanka’s dairy industry is an emerging one, with a relatively low milk supply. However Nestlé’s work with local milk farmers, for over 30 years, has helped develop the industry to produce enough high quality milk for Nestlé’s dairy-based products. These include Nespray Fortigrow full cream milk powder, Milo RTD (Ready-to-Drink), Milkmaid, Nespray Nutri-Up, Nespray Coco-Up, Nespray Fortigrow Milky Biscuit, Nestomalt RTD, Nescafé RTD, and now its latest NESTLÉ a+full creamUHT milk product.

Said Shivani Hegde, Nestlé Managing Director: “Our ambition has always been to grow communities along with our business; to offer value to our consumers as well as for society. We’re proud to launch yet another product that not only meets the nutritional needs of our consumers but also contributes to the livelihood of local Sri Lankan farmers. NESTLÉ a+is yet another product thatdemonstrates our company purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.

Nestlé began working with the government and local farmers in the 1980’s to implement its milk-district model and increase the yield and quality of local milk. The company today provides approximately 20,000 farmers with regular training programmes, technical and microfinancing assistance, mobile veterinary clinics, milk churns and other resources. It has also invested considerably in establishing essential infrastructure for dairy farmers, such as milk collection points and chilling centres (which keeps the milk fresh), to provide them a secure route to market. Nestlé’s work not only enables it to source local milk of very high quality, providing consumers a range of high-quality nutritious products made with local milk, but also offers local milk farmers a lifeline in growing their business and supporting their families.

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