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Nestlé Lanka supports its stakeholders during this challenging time

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As a company that has stood by its stakeholders through good and trying times for over 115 years, Nestlé Lanka took measures to distribute food and beverage products to its value chain partners. Initiated in June to assist them in navigating current challenges, this worthy project was implemented through employee volunteerism, in the company’s journey of giving back to Sri Lanka.

The first phase of the project benefitted over 3,500 staff attached to the company’s value chain partners at its Head Office in Colombo, Factory and Distribution Center in Kurunegala as well as its Field Sales Team, with ‘Nestlé Care Packages’ consecutively for three months. Furthering its efforts in August, the company extended assistance to over 240 stakeholders in its dairy value chain as the second phase. The ‘Nestlé Care Packages’ thus distributed were curated thoughtfully, to include a range of Nestlé’s much-loved products, along with those enriched with micronutrients deficient in the Sri Lankan diet such as Nestlé Nestomalt enriched with Iron and Vitamin D* and Nestlé Maggi Rasamusu enriched with Iron**.


Photo Caption: Benefiting over 240 in Nestlé Lanka’s dairy value chain

“This is undoubtedly one of the most challenging times for all of us here in Sri Lanka and it is important now more than ever, to work together and support one another. We take great care to ensure the stability of our stakeholders and so, it is with pleasure that we embarked on a series of projects to offer them much-needed support during this time. We are grateful for their resilience and invaluable contribution to the continuity of our business operations. I am also proud to witness our employees volunteering their time and rallying together in solidarity, in our efforts of giving back to Sri Lanka. This is just the start. We look forward to extending our support to communities beyond our value chain in the months to come” said Managing Director - Nestlé Lanka, Mr. Jason Avanceña.

Driven by its purpose of ‘unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come’, Nestlé has nourished generations of Sri Lankan families with high quality food and beverages from early childhood to old age. Having started its operations in Sri Lanka in 1906, today, Nestlé has become an integral part of Sri Lankan lives and contributes to the livelihoods of more than 25,000 Sri Lankan dairy and coconut farmers and out growers and provides direct employment to over 800. The company manufacture over 90% of its products sold in Sri Lanka locally at their state-of-the-art factory in Kurunegala, employing strict safety and quality controls.

Featured image Photo Caption: Benefiting over 3,500 staff attached to Nestlé Lanka’s value chain partners

පුවත් නිවේදනය සිංහලෙන් කියවන්න

தமிழ் பத்திரிகை வெளியீட்டை வாசிக்கவும்

*100g of NESTOMALT contains 17mg of Iron and 6mcg of Vitamin D.

**Two packs per day will provide 1/3 recommended daily average of Iron for 3 people. 100g of MAGGI Rasamusu contains 190mg of Iron.