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Nestlé Lanka and Perera & Sons Bakers (Pvt) Ltd. work together to help tackle plastic pollution in Sri Lanka

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Nestlé Lanka and Perera & Sons Bakers (Pvt) Ltd. have joined hands to help tackle plastic pollution in Sri Lanka, by collecting and recycling material of products consumed in the local bakery chain’s outlets. Working together, the two companies have taken steps to facilitate segregation of waste by placing separate bins for recyclables and encouraging responsible disposal. The collected waste is then sent to the Perera & Sons Recyclable Material Collection Centre in Rajagiriya, where they are cleaned, compressed, and stored until being transported to local recyclers Eco-Maximus and Eco-Spindles. Currently implemented at over 100 outlets, Nestlé Lanka and P&S hope to expand this initiative to P&S outlets island-wide in the years to come.

As part of this worthy collaboration, Nestlé Lanka helped set up a baling machine at the P&S Recyclable Material Collection Centre. This baling machine helps strengthen the collection and recycling efforts of the local bakery chain, by compressing waste and facilitating their transportation for further processing and recycling more regularly.

“As one of the largest players in the Out-Of-Home business in Sri Lanka, Nestlé Professional is honoured to join hands with the largest local bakery chain, in our journey of doing good for the planet. This collaboration is aimed at encouraging responsible waste disposal, where we are taking steps together with P&S to collect recyclable waste at their outlets. This is a significant step towards our ambition of ensuring a waste-free future for Sri Lanka”, said Roshan Perera, Vice President – Nestlé Professional.


Photo Caption: Compressing collected waste using the baling machine

Sharing his views on the collaboration, Mr. Kamal Jaimon, Executive Director, Perera & Sons Bakers (Pvt) Ltd. said “As a homegrown bakery chain, we are happy to do our part to help tackle plastic pollution in Sri Lanka. Bakeries such as ours generate a significant amount of packaging waste, giving us the opportunity to collect and recycle them. We urge all our customers to be a part of this sustainability journey by dropping their recyclables in the respective bin after consumption and helping give them a second life!”

Striving for a cleaner and greener nation, the ‘Good food, Good life’ company is actively working on several initiatives to reduce its plastic footprint in Sri Lanka. Commenting on these efforts, Jason Avanceña, Managing Director of Nestlé Lanka said “Tackling plastic pollution is an urgent priority for us at Nestlé. We are working together with different stakeholders to ensure none of our packaging ends up in landfills or the oceans. Whilst over 80% of our packaging by weight is currently recyclable, we are committed to make our packaging 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025. We also are also taking steps to help strengthen collection and recycling infrastructure in the country, whilst helping encourage a positive behavioural change in our consumers. I am confident that this collaboration with Perera & Sons Bakers (Pvt) Ltd. will help accelerate our efforts in making Sri Lanka more sustainable.”

Nestlé has been an integral part of Sri Lankan lives for over 115 years. Driven by its purpose of ‘unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come’, Nestlé caters to consumers across generations from early childhood to old age through its diverse food and beverage portfolio and manufactures over 90% of its products sold in Sri Lanka at its state-of-the-art factory in Kurunegala, upholding the high-quality standards Nestlé is renowned for across the world.

Featured image Photo Caption: Setting up a new baling machine at the Perera & Sons Recyclable Material Collection Centre in Rajagiriya (from left to right: Maduranga Perera – Senior Brand Manager Beverages, Nestlé Lanka; Roshan Perera – Vice President, Nestlé Professional; Ajith Wickramanayake – Senior Manager Beverage Solutions, Nestlé Lanka; Radhini De Costa – Assistant Vice President, Communications, Nestlé Lanka; Ruvini Kariyawasan – Director Corporate Affairs, Perera & Sons Bakers (Pvt) Ltd.; Thusitha Ranasinghe – Managing Director, Maximus (Pvt) Ltd.; Kamal Jaimon – Executive Director, Perera & Sons Bakers (Pvt) Ltd.; Supun Lakmal – Senior Executive, Eco Spindles)

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