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Transport and distribution


Every day, we transport tonnes of products from different warehouses to our customers. Much of this distribution relies on partnerships with third-party logistics providers. They help us monitor our environmental performance and improve the efficiency of our network by reducing mileage, fuel consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, noise and congestion.

We do this by -

  • Optimising distribution networks and route planning across our operations
  • Exploring opportunities to improve transportation by switching modes of transport and trialling alternative fuels
  • Expanding driver training to address both safety and environmental efficiency

To further optimise our performance, we are focusing on increasing vehicle utilisation, reducing empty transport journeys and constantly reviewing our strategic distribution networks. For our own fleet operations, we are working to optimise route planning on an ongoing basis. In our warehouses, we are concentrating on reducing energy consumption and switching to renewable energy. New technologies are crucial in every case, so we invest in innovations that will provide environmental and efficiency improvements.