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Raw materials


 We source tonnes of agricultural raw materials, and thousands of farmers depend on our business for their livelihoods. All our suppliers are required to meet our high standards but we help them improve their environmental sustainability practices through advice, training and other services. This leads to increased yields and quality, and better resistance to disease and drought, helping ensure a secure source of high-quality ingredients for our products.

Our environmental sustainability practices include:

  • Sourcing directly from farmers where possible, and procuring fresh and semi-processed raw materials from our Tier 1 suppliers (those in direct commercial relationships with Nestlé). Where possible, we prefer to source materials that have been produced near our factories.
  • Helping our suppliers evaluate the environmental performance of their farms and their upstream supply chains, to promote environmentally sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Mapping our supply chains, and conducting supplier audits and farm assessments regularly, in line with our Responsible Sourcing Guideline (RSG) criteria.

Read our Responsible Sourcing Guideline (RSG)