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Manufacturing comprises all the processes that are necessary to transform perishable raw materials into safe, nutritious, value-added food products for consumers.

We use the Nestlé Environmental Management System (NEMS) to implement The Nestlé Policy on Environmental Sustainability. NEMS is based on a continual improvement management cycle and its effectiveness rests on the use of the methodologies provided by our Nestlé Continuous.

Excellence (NCE) initiative.

Nestlé Continuous Excellence (NCE) is our sophisticated business model around continuous improvement projects, to help our business become a successful Lean Enterprise. It's our Total Performance Management (TPM) and our way of delighting consumers, delivering competitive advantage and excelling in compliance. It targets zero waste, one team and 100% engagement.

Through the application of NCE practices, we are improving our efficiency, quality and environmental performance throughout our manufacturing operations. This translates into doing more with fewer resources and less waste to help preserve natural resources.

Read the Nestlé Policy on Environmental Sustainability