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Maggi Stock Powder – Chicken Flavour


This is a popular chicken flavoured boullion, ideal for preparing a great tasting chicken stock in an instant. It can also be added directly during preparations to give a strong chicken flavour to any type of meal.


This product consists of a combination of chicken flavour, soya sauce, garlic, ginger, coriander, celery and salt that gives a balanced chicken taste in meal preparations.

Key benefits and advantages by using Maggi stock powder

  • Conveneint and quick preparations - prepare a stock in less than a minute
  • Gives out a strong chicken flavour and aroma
  • The free container provided helps to store it away after opening the pack
  • Can be added directly to any type of preparations for taste enhancement

Usage and preparation instructions

To prepare 1 litre of stock, just add 20g of Maggi Chicken Stock Powder into the water.
Sprinkle on top or add directly to meals in preparations.