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Maggi Real Coconut Milk Powder


Made from the best quality Sri Lankan coconut, Maggi Real Coconut Milk Powder comes ready for instant use. This contains coconut milk, which has been converted into a white spray dried coconut milk powder that can be used straight from the pack or mixed with water to produce a coconut cream or milk.

Maggi Real Coconut Milk Powder is the trusted choice of many chefs and culinary experts in Sri Lanka, especially in star class hotels and restaurants. Having fully converted to using Maggi, their businesses have transformed completely due to the convenience, superior quality and consistency offered by Maggi Real Coconut Milk Powder.

Key benefits and advantages by using Maggi Real Coconut Milk Powder

  • Gives a great coconut yield as it is made with 100% natural Sri Lankan coconuts
  • Gives convenience as it can be used in preperations in an instant
  • Great saving on time, labour and effort since there is no need to break, scrape, clean or extract milk from the coconuts.
  • Guaranteed high quality and consistency
  • Dissolves quickly in lukewarm water
  • Reduces wastage when compared to coconuts
  • Prepared food can be kept out longer when cooked with Maggi Real Coconut Milk Powder
  • Can add directly in preparations which makes it even more versatile and convenient

Usage and preparation instructions

Just mix the required amount of Maggi Real Coconut Milk Powder in lukewarm water (approx 35°C) and you will have real coconut milk in an instant.

  • Thick Milk - 20g 150ml (lukewarm water)
  • Thin Milk - 10g 150ml (lukewarm water)

Thickness of the coconut milk can be adapted to each recipe by varying the amount of coconut milk powder.

  • Available in a cost effective 1kg format for bulk catering use
  • Shelf Life - 12 Months

Applications using Maggi Real Coconut Milk Powder

Maggi Real Coconut Milk Powder is ideal for a range of wide applications:

  • Curries such as dhal, potato, seafood and meat.
  • Hoppers and Kiribath
  • Soups and sauces
  • Cakes, biscuits and beverages.
  • Desserts such as Watalappan and coconut mousse