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Maggi Magic Curry Mix


This is the newest product in the Maggi family introduced in Sri Lanka for the first time. This product is a revolution in out-of-home cooking, which provides successful solutions to the burning issues faced by operators.

This product consists of a magical combination of below spices, condiments along with tomato, garlic and onion, blended to perfection.

Key benefits and advantages by using Maggi Magic Curry Mix

  • Gives convenience as it can be used to prepare great tasting curries in an instant
  • Versatile usage in both Vegetarian and Non Vegitarian cuisine
  • Gives out a great flavour suiting both Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine
  • Saves time, labour and effort in bulk cooking
  • Gives a good balance of flavour and consistency to everyday meals

Usage and preparation instructions

Maggi Magic Curry mix can be used to prepare any type of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes by simply following the below instructions.

maggic curry method
  • Available in a cost effective 500g format for bulk catering use
  • Shelf Life - 9 Months