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History of Nescafé

The rich taste of Sri Lanka’s favourite coffee reflects its rich history. Nescafé is the brainchild of Max Morgenthaler, who began work on it in 1929, when the Brazilian government asked Nestlé to find an outlet for its huge coffee surplus. In 1938, Nescafé was launched as a ‘powdered extract of pure coffee’ that retains coffee’s natural flavour, but can be prepared by simply adding hot water.


Today Nescafé is the world’s number one most trusted and enjoyed coffee. Over the years, Nescafé has evolved further to capture even more of the natural aroma and flavour from every coffee bean. Today, consumers around the world enjoy the quality, flavour, aroma, convenience and natural goodness of Nescafé coffee in many different choices.

In 2010, Nestlé launched the Nescafé Plan to develop the company’s sustainable supply chains in cocoa and coffee, improve social conditions in farming communities, and ensure their profitability.

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