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Share the goodness of Milo

  • Milo RTD is made from the goodness of Sri Lankan fresh milk, sourced from thousands of local dairy farmers, as well as cocoa and malt extract
  • Milo is enriched with B vitamins which contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism
  • Milo promotes the importance of good nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle.
  • Milo has supported school sports in Sri Lanka for over 30 years, and encourages well over a million Sri Lankan children to be physically active every year
  • Milo is actively advocating the importance of a healthy breakfast every day
  • Over the last eight years, we have reduced sucrose (added sugar) in Milo RTD by 32%
  • A Milo RTD pack contains only 8.2 grams of sucrose (added sugar). This is less than 5% of the total product and roughly equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar
  • The nutrients in Milo RTD contribute to the nutritional needs of children as part of a healthy diet whilst encouraging the consumption of milk
  • By our own internal analyses, Milo RTD currently contains one of the lowest levels of sucrose in the local milk-based beverage category

*RTD – Ready to Drink