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There are fraudulent e-mails and fake campaigns circulating on the internet from people pretending to represent Nestlé.

Some emails claim that you have won a competition, or will receive a special prize. In return the requester asks you to provide your personal details, and in some cases, money.

These are hoaxes. We would never operate in this way.

If you have received or are aware of this type of communication and have concerns, please report it to us via [email protected].

This will allow us to pursue potential legal options against fraudsters.

Here are the latest cases that have come to our attention:

May / June 2021 – Claims of a Milo lottery | January 2022 – Claims of a Milo British offer

We’ve been made aware of a circulating SMS informing people they have won a lottery from Milo, and requesting for personal information and sometimes money. Whilst we do hold a number of promotions to reward our consumers, please note that this message / email is a hoax and did not originate from Milo.

If you have received a message or email like this, or know anyone who has:

  • DO NOT provide any personal details (e.g. bank account numbers).

  • DO NOT make any payments.

  • CALL our Nestlé Consumer Services hotline on 114 724 724 to check and verify if the message is a scam.

All original promotions conducted by Milo Sri Lanka will only be communicated through the brand’s own social media pages and mass media such as television.

March 2021 - 80th anniversary gift giveaway

We’ve been made aware of a circulating message that leads to an online page, claiming to giveaway free prizes on account of the company’s anniversary. Please note that this promotion is not affiliated with Nestlé Lanka and is likely a hoax. Valid promotions are shared on our official Nestlé Lanka corporate and brand social media pages.