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Milo paper straws

Make sure the straw is unwrapped and inserted carefully, to ensure it is not damaged, as that would make it difficult for the liquid to travel through the straw. When inserting the straw, hold the bottom end of the paper straw at an angle and swiftly push it downwards to pierce a hole in the foil seal. Avoid jamming the straw with force through the foil seal (like you would with a plastic straw), as it might dent or bend the paper straw. Once the paper straw is in, we recommend your child consumes the product within 15 minutes (to avoid the straw getting soggy) and refrains from chewing on the straw.

We have not yet found a paper wrap for our paper straw which meets our quality and food safety requirements. However we are currently working on a paper wrap solution that meets our standards and we will implement this as soon as it is available. In the interim, the plastic wrapper ensures the paper straw is protected from moisture and contamination, and is safe to drink from. Please rest assured that the plastic wrapper, like the rest of the Milo UHT pack, is 100% recyclable.

We are committed to ensuring that our switch to paper straws does not contribute to deforestation, and that we only procure responsibly sourced paper. All our paper straws are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, and we only source from suppliers that meet our strict guidelines and standards. Paper straws are the most environmentally friendly option for consumers needing to consume ready-to-drink beverages on the go. It has a lesser environmental impact than plastic.

We are working with local recycler Eco Maximus, who is located in Kegalle, to recycle the entire Milo RTD pack. They are recycling small quantities in a trial capacity at the moment but will be fully operational soon. Currently, select schools and Municipal Councils are part of our waste collection programmes, so please ensure that wherever you consume our product, you insert the straw back in the pack and place it in a bin once finished. Our aim is to recycle as much as we can, and we are developing more waste collection points for our used aseptic beverage cartons. We will announce these waste collection points shortly.