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How healthy are Nestlé foods and beverages?

Recent media stories have questioned the healthfulness of Nestlé foods and beverages, tied to a global internal working document that was reported by the Financial Times (FT). The analysis was taken out of context and only covers about half of our sales worldwide. Therefore, looking at our global portfolio as a whole, less than 30% would not meet stringent external “healthfulness” standards, mostly representing indulgent products such as chocolate and ice cream. We believe that a healthy diet means finding a balance between well-being and enjoyment. This includes having some space for indulgent foods, consumed in moderation.

We have been providing nutritious, tasty and safe products to Sri Lankans for 115 years, and all of our products can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. We believe that the future of our company lies in helping Sri Lankans eat a healthier diet.

We do this in three ways:

  1. Improving the nutritional profile of our products - We regularly assess Sri Lankan nutritional needs, recent scientific evidence, dietary recommendations, local regulations and consumer trends, and strengthen the nutritional profile of our products accordingly. Through this, we enrich relevant products with vitamins and mineral, including the ones deficient in Sri Lankan diets, such as iron and vitamin A. In 2020 alone, we provided a total of 923 million servings of micronutrient enriched products to Sri Lankan consumers. We are also using more wholesome familiar ingredients in our products that are commonly used in Sri Lankan kitchens, such as milk, vegetables, spices, fruits and grains. At the same time, we are reducing sugar, salt and saturated fat in our products wherever possible.
  2. Providing transparent nutritional information - We provide consumers with easy-to-understand, transparent information on pack about our ingredients, how our products are prepared, and recommended portions for a healthy diet. We want to make it easier for Sri Lankans to choose nourishing foods and beverages for a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Educating consumers – Nutritional understanding is a key step to ensuring healthier diets. We have been working with the Sri Lankan government for decades to help millions of Sri Lankan children develop good eating habits, learn about a healthy diet and get more exercise. We also collaborate closely with expert medical staff and nutritionists to conduct virtual and on-ground programmes that educate Sri Lankan families on nutrition, health and fitness, and which offer free nutritional checks and advice.

We remain strongly committed to continue contributing to a healthier future, by developing products that are good for our consumers and their families.