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From left to right: Ruwan Welikala, Vice President - Ambient Dairy; Kalpana Hewawitharana, Brand Manager - Milkmaid, Shivani Hegde, Managing Director; Yashasvi Liyanage, Digital Communications Manager and Radhini De Costa – Assistant Vice President, Marketing Services

Our popular dessert brand Milkmaid, won the Merit Award for ‘Best Advertising and Marketing by a Website’ at the 2017 competition. It was the only Food and Beverage brand to have won an award in the competition.

We were also the proud recipients of the Bronze for the Best Sri Lankan Corporate Website ( at the 2012 competition.


From left to right: Vachintha Piyadasa, Network & Infrastructure Specialist; Nadeesha Chandrasekara, Consumer Services Manager; Radhini De Costa, Asstistant Vice President - Marketing Services; Imara Hasan, Confidential Secretary - Legal and Eomal Munasinha, Recruitment Manager - Human Resources

The winners of the competitions were selected by a panel of judges with broad expertise in websites. The participants were judged on the quality of design, creativity, traffic, technical achievement and the number of public votes. is the most prestigious competition held for Sri Lankan websites. It is organised by the LK Domain Registry, offering Sri Lankan websites an exclusive platform to promote and gain recognition for their web identities online. Since its inception in 2009, has been hailed as an effective and successful competition for determining the best of the best among all websites from a wide range of industries.