Are you having a balanced diet?

A balanced diet is a complete diet that gives adequate energy and all other nutrients required in the right proportions for maintaining body cells, tissue and organs to support normal growth and development.

A balanced diet should have adequate amounts of all nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, water and fibre.

To achieve a balanced diet you must eat a variety of food from each food group in the food pyramid in the right quantities.

Food Pyramid

Food  Pyramid

A guide to an ideal portion size

1 cup = 200ml tea cup

Cereals and starchy foods  
Cooked rice 1 cup (130- 140g)
Bread 1 slice (50g)
Cooked vegetables 3 tbsp (1/2 cup)
Raw salads 1 cup (200ml)
Medium size fruit 1 (1 banana/ 1 orange)
Cut fruit/ fruit salad ½ cup
Dried fruits 2 tbsp (20-30g)
Fish, Pulses, Dried fish, Egg, Poultry and Meat  
Cooked fish/ poultry/ meat 30g
Cooked pulses 3 tbsp
Eggs 1
Dried fish 15g
Milk & Dairy products  
Milk 1 cup (200ml)
Yogurt/ curd 1 cup
Milk powder 30g (2 tbsp)
Nuts & oil seeds 1 tbsp (15g)