Nestlé brands Maggi and Nestomalt named Sri Lanka’s Top 10 FMCG brands by Kantar World Panel

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Nestlé’s two iconic brands, Maggi and Nestomalt, were named Sri Lanka’s Top 10 FMCG brands in the latest Brand Footprint Study by research company Kantar World panel. They are the only noodle and malted food drink brands to be ranked in the top 10. The study, which covered over five million households, 400 brands and 1.4 billion shopper decisions, based its rankings on how many households around the country buy each brand and how often.

Said Shivani Hegde, Nestlé Managing Director “ All of our brands are dedicated to one shared company purpose - ‘Enhancing Quality of Life and Contributing to a Healthier Future.’ Our products are bought by consumers who appreciate the intrinsic values our brands stand for. They respect our commitment to manufacturing products that are tastier, healthier and of high quality, as well as our dedication to sustainable manufacturing and ethical operations. We’re honoured to have two of our brands ranked amongst Sri Lanka’s top 10 FMCG brands, as it reflects the meaningful contributions our products make to consumers’ lives and the trust we have earned.

Maggi recently renovated its popular chicken flavoured noodles to include no less than eight spices to enhance taste. In a country where spices are used as natural flavour enhancers for curries and other local dishes, Maggi is following a similar route in its noodle renovation. It is using vegetables, herbs and popular spices traditionally used in Sri Lankan kitchens - such as coriander, black pepper, turmeric, cardamom, cumin, nutmeg, fenugreek and aniseed - to add flavour to its noodles range. Maggi Rasa Musu, an all-purpose seasoning designed for daily cooking, also contains a unique blend of spices like garlic and chilli, as well as turmeric, cumin, nutmeg and fenugreek. Maggi Coconut Milk Powder has also been a Sri Lankan household favourite for generations, encouraging the goodness of home cooked food with high quality coconut milk, made exclusively with Sri Lankan coconuts to ensure a fresh and delicious taste.

Nestomalt also recently further enhanced its nutritional profile with the launch of all-new Nestomalt Plus. Enhanced with the goodness of oats, the new beverage is tailor-made for modern consumers with a busy routine, to support them in living an active lifestyle. It contains vitamins and minerals, and requires only water to be added to its unique blend of malt extract, oats and milk.

The company’s commitment to contributing to a healthier future is also seen across its brand activities. Maggi is helping people cook tasty meals as part of a balanced diet, via on-pack and online advice and recipes, as well as through local events like Maggi Rasa Charika Cooking Shows. Nestomalt has also long supported local communities to live a healthier and more active lifestyle by hosting large-scale family events, and sponsoring traditional festival games and power marathons every year.

Comprehensive and insightful, Kantar’s Brand Footprint study shows that, even in uncertain and challenging times, strong brands’ growth remain rooted as they continue to be chosen more times by more buyers.

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