Nestlé launches Lactogrow, a scientifically superior growing-up milk formula, to provide continuing ‘probiotics added’ nutrition for toddlers

To Press Releases listColombo, Sri Lanka,Nov 12, 2012

“A happy tummy can make all the difference” says Nestlé

LactogrowNestlé, the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company and the most trusted child nutrition brand across the globe, announced the launch of a revolutionary nutrition product in Sri Lanka – Lactogrow!

Lactogrow is the latest addition to the ‘Good Food, Good Life’ company’s world renowned child nutrition range. Developed by Nestlé’s globally acclaimed R&D, Lactogrow is a unique growing-up milk formula fortified with probiotics including L.Comfortis (a Lactobacillus culture that is a friendly bacteria), vitamins and minerals to stimulate a healthy gut flora, tummy comfort, visual and growth development.

Whilst Nestlé’s popular infant nutrition range caters to children from birth to the age of two, Lactogrow supports continuing nutrition for children beyond the age of two right up till five years. “At Nestlé Nutrition we saw the need to innovate a product of the highest quality that bridged the nutrition gap between infancy and toddlerhood in Sri Lanka. Lactogrow was therefore developed by our world leading scientists to encourage mothers to continue to nourish their children with probiotics even after the age of two years” said Mr. Mohamed Rizwie, Country Manager for Nestlé Nutrition in Sri Lanka.

Infant gut microbiota can have certain deviations which could have a negative impact on a child’s health. Many healthcare providers recommend optimised probiotic strains in a baby’s diet to strengthen a baby’s immune system and gut (tummy) health. Probiotics are a type of “good” bacteria which aids intestinal and digestive functions and helps maintain a stronger, resilient immune system.

Professor Seppo Salminen, renowned Professor of Food Development from the University of Turku and Director of the University Functional Foods Forum visited Sri Lanka recently to discuss current advancements in Probiotics. “Probiotics is one way of influencing an infant’s gut function. It prevents constipation and acts as normal food ingredients for the infant’s diet, whether it’s via breast milk or something else. An infant that has not been breastfed is considered a risk infant, in which case they should be provided with the bacterial stimulus (probiotics) through a formula,” stated Professor Seppo Salminen.

LactogrowFortified with probiotics, Lactogrow’s product tag aptly proclaims “Happy Kids Discover More”, where Nestlé states that ‘a happy tummy’ can make all in the difference in ensuring the happy wellbeing and health of a child.

“As the world leader in child nutrition, we are pleased to enhance our offering to our Sri Lankan mothers and children with a brand new product. Lactogrow ensures that mothers are able to provide their children with a continuing probiotics enhanced nutrition journey even after the age of two years on a strong benefit platform. We are most proud that Nestlé Lanka is the first to introduce Lactogrow into the market in the Nestlé world. With the launch of cutting edge products such as Lactogrow in the local market, we continue on our mission to bring ‘Good Food, Good Life’ to all our Sri Lankan consumers,” said Mr. Alois Hofbauer, Managing Director of Nestlé Lanka PLC.