Milo’s innovative ‘Cheer Line’ at President’s Trophy Rugby Finals

Enables fans from across the world to be the ‘16th MAN’

To Press Releases listJun 27, 2017

Milo has made the grand finalé of the Milo President’s Trophy Rugby Knockouts even more exciting with the launch of its innovative ‘16th MAN’ cheer-line. Fans who can’t be physically present at the big game can now call a designated hotline for their team - St. Joseph or Isipathana - and hang up after the first ring to produce a ‘missed call.’ This will generate a signature team cheer at the match on loudspeakers to spur their team on.

The cheers will be broadcast via automated speaker towers placed at the four corners of the ground. The more ‘missed calls’ received, the louder the roar. The number assigned to Josephian fans is 0 720 760 160 while the number assigned to Isipathana fans is 0 720 760 161.

Said Nestlé’s Beverages Head “Milo has been at the heart of school sports in Sri Lanka for over 30 years now. We know that a special set of stakeholders, who are an immense source of strength and support to the players, are often overlooked – their fans. They are an inseparable part of the game; the livewires that keep the players going with their shouts of support, ardent cheers and cries from beyond the line. We’re pleased to give back to the fans by ensuring that, no matter where they are, they can still support their teams and be their 16th MAN.

The cheer-lines will be open during The Milo President’s Trophy Rugby Knockout Tournament on 24 June 2017 from 6.00 p.m. onwards. More information can be found on Facebook under the hashtag #MILO16thMan, where fans can view videos featuring the team and their prominent supporters, calling on fans to use the cheer-line to support them from wherever in the world they are.

Milo, Nestlé’s popular nutritious beverage brand,has been supporting school sports at grassroot level for over three decades. It has been at the forefront of bringing innovation to the game, offering players and their schools, families, friends and fans enhanced ways to engage with the sport and make it a meaningful experience for each of them. Inspiring consumers to achieve their very best by supporting their drive to succeed, the brand embodies and promotes the positive dimensions of sports and wellbeing.

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