Maggi Noodles Re-launches with Vitamin A Fortification

To Press Releases listJun 16, 2014

Celebrates 30 years in Sri Lanka

Delighting generations of Sri Lankans since 1984, Maggi noodles celebrates 30 years as a Sri Lankan household favourite.

In commemoration of its three decades as a trusted, family noodles product in the hearts of Sri Lankan adults and children, the popular ‘two minute’ noodles brand has renovated the nutritional profile of its Maggi Chicken noodles, Maggi Curry noodles and Maggi Tikiri noodles to include Vitamin A fortification. This latest nutritional enhancement follows the range’s Calcium fortification in 2009 and the inclusion of vegetables in the noodles seasoning in 2012.

I am proud to say that this marks a new era for Maggi in taste and goodness. As Nestlé moves towards becoming the recognised leader in nutrition, health and wellness, Maggi has been part of this journey by constantly renovating its nutritional profile over the years to offer consumers ‘tasty nutrition’. Our Maggi noodles range already offers consumers 1/3 of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for Calcium and now offers the same for Vitamin A, an essential micronutrient that is a key deficiency in Sri Lanka” said Priyadarshinie Karunaratne, Assistant Vice President – Food for Nestlé Lanka PLC.

Vitamin A, which impacts eyesight, growth and development, and immunity to diseases, remains one of Sri Lanka’s high micronutrient deficiencies. Maintaining its consumers’ interests at its core, Maggi chose its 30 year anniversary to strengthen its nutritional profile and help nourish Maggi lovers across the country.

Said Ganesan Ampalavanar, Managing Director for Nestlé Lanka PLC “The direction of Nestlé the world over is towards nutrition, health and wellness. We are using our food and beverages to bring about nutritional benefits to our consumers. In addition to fortifying our products with essential micronutrients and other nutritional advantages, we are also constantly improving the nutritional profile of our products by reducing public health sensitive nutrients. For example, I am proud to note that over the years Maggi has continuously reduced saturated fat levels and salt content. Through our world renowned R&D, we are managing to make our products healthier whilst maintaining its great taste.”

Maggi’s strong brand equity in the country is evidenced by its consecutive wins at the SLIM-Nielsen People’s Awards, where it was voted ‘Food Brand of the Year’ and ‘Youth Food Brand of the Year’ by consumers in both 2013 and 2014.