Nescafé Alegria – ‘Café Style Coffee Made Magically Simple’

To Press Releases listJul 8, 2014

Nestlé Professional launches premium coffee solution in Sri Lanka!

Nestlé Professional, market leaders for ‘out-of-home’ food and beverage solutions, revolutionized the premium coffee solutions market in Sri Lanka with the launch of its premium coffee solution, Nescafé Alegria.

The Nescafé Alegria coffee machine combines all the essentials of the world’s number one coffee brand Nescafé with the convenience, versatility and quality of a cutting-edge coffee dispensing solution. Designed to meet the needs of the most ardent coffee lover, it serves five coffee-based beverages - namely Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and Lungo - and provides the base for ice coffee and Frappé as well.

“The evolution of the typical coffee consumer is taking place right before our eyes. There has been a rapid increase in the number of cafés opening up in recent times; consumers are trending towards seeking indulgence when enjoying a cup of coffee. The Nescafé Alegria coffee solution offers an authentic, premium coffee experience with the simplicity, convenience and speed of a classic coffee machine - a cappuccino can be served in under a minute! With its promise of ‘Café style coffee made magically simple’, we believe that our Nescafé Alegria premium coffee solution will revolutionise the domestic beverage industry,” said Jagath Wedage,Assistant Vice President - Nestlé Professional.

The Nescafé Alegria coffee machine does not require experience for its operation; its ‘plug and play’ concept reduces the complex process of making premium coffee to a simple press of a button. Compact and easy to use, a perfect cup of premium quality coffee is provided via the Nescafé Alegria coffee canister with the addition of fresh milk for a perfect barista coffee experience. The Nescafé Alegria coffee canister, complete with a 15-month shelf life, consists of freeze-dried and micro-ground coffee that contains a real coffee aroma and taste; a technology introduced by Japan.

“Nestlé Professional’s strong market presence is further fortified with the entry of the Nescafé Alegria machine to Sri Lanka, marking the first step towards providing a premium, barista coffee experience to consumers. This coffee solution was introduced to Sri Lanka following extensive research of consumer preferences, and has been designed to cater to both domestic consumers for their personal use and also for out-of-home operators, such as restaurants and hotel chains. Nescafé Alegria will usher in a new era of convenience and simplicity for great tasting premium coffee,” said Ganesan Ampalavanar, Managing Director of Nestlé Lanka PLC.

Since the launch of the very first Nescafé hot vending machine back in 1998, Nestlé Professional has consistently delighted consumers and operators with great tasting beverage solutions and an unparalleled service standard. Commencing its journey in offering premium coffee solutions to Sri Lanka with the launch of Nescafé Alegria signifies its vision of ‘Making More Possible’ and enhancing the quality of life for its customers.