What makes a food company special?

It is self-evident from a quick visit to any supermarket that the food industry is extraordinarily competitive and dynamic. Food is essential for life. It is therefore very closely related to people and their everyday life. For this reason, anyone working in a food company needs to understand and be interested in people and the way they live their lives. For some people, food is mainly a source of survival, for others a source of pleasure. So the balance between the "science" of food and the "emotion" of food has always to be taken into account. Nutrition and enjoyment go hand in hand. Quality and safety are vital, but so are taste and enjoyment. It is this special mix that makes the marketing of food products such a fascinating challenge.

What does Nestlé look for in the talent they hire?

Nestlé is a company that looks for entrepreneurs. One should have the ability and temperament to handle multiple things at a time without compromising on the quality of results. We value individuals for their authenticity and courage.