Affordable and nutritious

We aim to provide consumers with products that are nutritious, tasty and affordable. Popularly Positioned Products (PPPs) are high-quality food products that provide nutritional value at an affordable cost and in appropriate formats to address the needs of some 3 billion lower-income consumers worldwide. PPPs are intended to meet the specific needs of consumers with lower income levels by offering them high-quality, nutritionally enhanced products at affordable prices.

Our current PPPs at Nestlé Lanka spread from culinary products to dairy, sold under major global brands like Maggi and Nespray.

Micronutrient fortification

With a large proportion of the world's emerging consumers suffering the consequences of deficiencies in key micronutrients such as iron, zinc, iodine and vitamin A, fortifying our Popularly Positioned Products (PPPs) with micronutrients can help to address deficiencies where they are most prevalent; among lower-income consumers.

Maggi Rasa Musu Maggi Rasa Musu

For example, we have launched Maggi PPP seasonings fortified with iron in Sri Lanka called Maggi Rasa Musu. Maggi Rasa Musu is an affordable seasoning for lower income groups to enhance the taste of traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. It is fortified with iron to address the wide spread deficiency of iron in Sri Lanka and is available in single use sachets at a very affordable price, thus enabling our consumers at lower income levels to have access to tasty and healthy meals.

Fortified milk powders

For those on lower incomes, dehydrated milk powders, which are naturally rich in many essential nutrients (such as protein, calcium, other minerals and vitamins) are good carriers of micronutrient fortification (such as iron, Vitamin A, etc). This is another viable, long-term way to deliver nutrients to large segments of the population, without requiring changes in food consumption habits, which are generally more difficult to change.

Nespray Everyday

Nestlé invests over LKR 1.6 billion a year directly into research and development for dehydrated and liquid milk-based products, and this know-how is applied in the production of affordable milks for local populations in emerging countries, and fortifying them with relevant micronutrients in each location.

We strongly established Nespray Everyday as a nutritious, affordable milk powder for everyone. Nespray Everyday is fortified with Vitamin A to combat Vitamin A deficiency in Sri Lanka; latest statistics by the Medical Research Institute (MRI) of Sri Lanka show that 29% of Sri Lankan children under the age of five are Vitamin A deficient and 25% of Sri Lankan children between the ages of one to five years are iron deficient.

Mineral enriched noodles

Maggi Tikiri noodles

Maggi Tikiri noodles is a nutritious, delicious and affordable noodles product from our Maggi Classic Noodles range.
Enriched with Calcium, Maggi Tikiri is especially developed as a high-quality food product that will provide nutritional value at an affordable cost.