The Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme


The Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme is a global initiative by Nestlé to address some of the nutrition issues faced around the world. Its objective is to raise nutrition, health and wellness awareness and promote physical activity amongst school-age children.

Non-communicable diseases often result from a lack of awareness of healthy diets and lifestyles. By improving understanding of nutrition, and influencing good lifestyle and diets from an early age, the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme hopes to help improve nutritional status.

Nestlé Lanka joined hands with the Nutrition division of the Ministry of Education and the country's premier higher education institution, the University of Peradeniya, to develop a modern, interactive and customized Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme for Sri Lanka, which would address local community nutritional needs.

The Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme was launched in Sri Lanka in September 2010, and has been a part of the Education Ministry’s “Poshanayai Suwadiviyai” (Nutrition for a Healthy Life) nutrition awareness campaign since 2013. It is taught in schools as an extra-curricular subject by Ministry educationists, and rolled out to a minimum of 2,500 children across the island each year. In addition, the Programme’s material and modules on nutrition education and healthy living are available for use and reference at over 7,500 secondary, public schools across the country.

Consisting of six comprehensive modules, the Programme explains about improved diets, nutritional deficiencies, food related disorders, food hygiene, and techniques to safeguard the nutritional value of food during preparation. The programme also promotes the use nutritious food and beverages, highlighting nutritious local produce which is easily available and affordable.


The Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme in Sri Lanka educates children between the ages of 12 to 15 years, empowering them to be nutrition ambassadors and take their nutritional learnings home to their families. We strongly believe that a deeper understanding of the elements of nutrition and good health amongst families will contribute to a positive nutritional status and better quality of life.

In 2015, we launched a physical activity component to the Nestlé Healthy Kids programme called “The Kids Athletics Programme”. We conduct the programme together with the Sports division of the Ministry of Education, to encourage children to be more physically active by holding athletic training and awareness building events across the country.

Since its launch, the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme has grown from strength to strength to become one of the most relevant nutrition awareness programmes for Sri Lankan children today.

As at end 2016, the programme has reached more than 200,000 children across the country.

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