coconut tree plantation

We are one of the largest exporters of coconut milk powder in the world. Our Maggi Coconut Milk Powder, which is manufactured only at our Kurunegala factory, is sold by Nestlé worldwide.

We purchase coconuts indirectly from 5,000 rural farming families through our suppliers, offering them a sustainable source of income. In line with our supply chain model, we help local suppliers to improve their quality standards and empower farmers to grow crops that benefit them.

We have also launched a coconut development programme together with the Coconut Cultivation Board (CCB) called “The Nestlé Coconut Plan.” The Plan was launched in 2016 to help improve livelihoods and coconut crop cultivation.

As part of the Plan, we donated 10,000 coconut plantlets across 150 acres to 2,000 rural families. These included not just existing coconut farmers within the traditional coconut triangle but also famers located in areas outside of the triangle with good potential for coconut growing, such as Wariyapola, Nikaweratiya, Rasnayakapura, Padaviya, Vavuniya and Kebithigollewa. Plantlets were also distributed to new farmers to grow in their home gardens. The donated plantlets were high quality hybrids with faster yield time than the standard variety.

We also introduced a new ‘model farm’ concept by planting approximately 100 plantlets each in two model farms in Nikaweratiya and Kebithigollewa, with the aim of offering farmers an ideal coconut farm design to benchmark best practices and high quality coconut farming standards.

The project will include intensive technical assistance by the CCB, including soil tests, donation of manure and other pre and post planting assistance.