Nangrow, a super-premium Growing-Up-Milk for toddlers


Helps ensure immunity, nutrition and growth

Nangrow is a super-premium Growing-Up-Milk for toddlers and is intended to ensure the continuation of the NAN brand journey up to five years of age.

As children grow older, they gradually step out of their mother’s protective care and venture on their own to explore the world, increasing their need for enhanced protection and nutrition. However as most toddlers are fussy eaters, mothers face a real challenge in providing their children with the essential nutrients they need for immunity and strong growth. Nangrow, a tailor-made premium nutritional solution to the Sri Lankan market will help support and strengthen a child’s natural defense system and growth by promoting a friendly oral and gut flora.

Nangrow benefits from Nestlé’s unmatched R&D expertise and premier scientists, who have specially formulated the product to supply essential immuno-nutrients, micronutrients and protective factors such as probiotics (healthy bacteria) to toddlers, which help ensure they receive the extra immunity and nutrition they need as they grow.