Nescafé Classic

Nescafé Classic 500g

nescafe classic 500g  

Made from 100% coffee combining nothing else but Arabica and Robusta beans, Nescafé Classic gives the perfect blend for an enjoyable coffee experience.

A Pack serves appx. 330 Cups
Shelf Life: 1 Year

Nescafé Classic 1.2g

nescafe classic 1.2g  

A cup of Nescafé with the perfect aroma and rich coffee taste, which combines portion control and convenience to meet your specific requirements.

Key benefits and advantage of using Nescafé Classic

  • Consistent texture with excellent taste & aroma
  • Ease of preparation with no sedimentation
  • Faster preparation due to minimum brewing time
  • Consists of 100% pure coffee

Usage and preperation instructions

  • Simply add hot water to enjoy a great tasting cup of Nescafé. It is also excellent for iced coffee when prepared with Milkmaid.