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Nescafe Classic


Nescafé Classic - Pure Soluble

The world's favourite coffee!

Our Nescafé Classic range is pure, soluble coffee –smooth, delicious and aromatic with 100% pure and natural coffee beans going into making every granule of Nescafé Classic. Consistently full bodied, the slow roasting of coffee beans gives our Nescafé Classic range a fully, satisfying flavor to give you a great start to the day.


Nescafe 3 in 1


Nescafé 3 in 1- Premix

For easy, quick enjoyment!

Enjoy the improved aroma and taste of Nescafé 3 in 1. With the perfect blend of coffee, milk and sugar, our complete instant coffee mix with a richer taste and flavor will keep you going throughout the day.


Nescafe gold


Nescafé Gold - Premium Pure Soluble

Premium coffee for everyday pleasure!

A taste worth savouring. Our golden-roasted coffee beans captures the exquisite rich aroma and smooth taste of premium coffee. Each coffee bean is carefully selected and roasted for a truly sophisticated coffee experience.

The premium choice Nescafé brand for your special cup of coffee every day.


Nescafe Ice Coffee  

Nescafé Ice Coffee


A breakthrough recipe with a winning formula, our latest Nescafé innovation comes to Sri Lankan consumers as the ultimate indulgence.

This perfect blend of ice-cold coffee now offers our consumers a delightful, refreshing experience to escape from the heat and plunge into freshness!

But we're more than just that perfect cup of coffee. At a time when everything and everyone is more closely connected than ever, we cannot ignore how our actions affect the world around us. We have to look beyond the cup. Learn more about the Nescafé Plan.

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