The Nestlé Story

Henri Nestlé 

Our founder, Henri Nestlé, was a German pharmacist living in Switzerland who developed the world’s first milk food for infants in 1867 to save the life of a neighbour’s child; a premature infant who could tolerate neither his mother's milk nor any of the conventional substitutes and had been given up for lost by local physicians.

He strongly believed that a mother’s milk would always be the best nutrient for a child during its first year. His goal was to help combat the problem of infant mortality due to malnutrition as a result of the inability to breastfeed.

People across the world soon began to recognise the value of his life saving product, which created a global company by 1872. Today, Henri Nestlé’s legacy to enhance the quality of life everywhere still lives on in the company’s philosophy of Creating Shared Value, which is embedded within our values and the essence of the way we do business.

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