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Creating Shared Value

Our view of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has evolved into ‘Creating Shared Value’ (CSV).

As a leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, we know we not only have a duty to operate responsibly, but also an opportunity to create long-term positive value for society. We call this Creating Shared Value.

Using the CSV model, we aim to create ‘joint benefit’ or ‘shared value’ for both our shareholders and society at every stage of our business.

We focus our CSV efforts and investments in three areas – nutrition, water and rural development - as they are core to our business strategy and vital to the welfare of the local community.

  • Nutrition: Food and nutrition are the basis of health and of our business – it is the reason why we exist.
  • Water: The ongoing quality and availability of water is vital to life, the production of food and for our operations.
  • Rural Development: The overall wellbeing of farmers, rural communities, workers, small entrepreneurs and suppliers is intrinsic for the future of our business.


For Nestlé, CSV has become the way we do business. The saying goes ‘if a man is hungry, don’t give him a fish, give him a rod’. In the same way, we believe that it is not enough to feed a man for a day, but that it is far more practical and beneficial to empower communities to be able to generate their own income in a sustainable and independent manner. By providing communities with the means and education to develop their own livelihoods, we make it possible for them to not only enhance the quality of their lives, but also those of the future generations to come.

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