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Made from Sri Lanka’s finest fresh milk, Milkmaid has the most distinct and unique taste profile which is loved and enjoyed by generations with continued trust of over 100 years of existence in Sri Lanka. Milkmaid is known as the first product sold in Sri Lanka and contains fresh milk which has been preserved with refined sugar.

Milkmaid is a popular tea whitener in major parts of the island including Western, Eastern, Wayamba coastal belts and the Northern part of the island. A sweet tasting Milkmaid cup of tea is the ideal treat for every consumer who patronizes teashops, restaurants and canteens when they are out-of-their homes.

Available in 2 pack sizes to suit your needs.

  • Milkmaid 5.15kg - prepares 200+ cups of Tea
  • Milkmaid Buddy 1.29kg - prepares 50 cups of Tea

Key benefits and advantages by using Milkmaid

  • Guaranteed high end cup quality
  • High acceptance by consumers
  • Great unique taste loved and enjoyed by consumers
  • Attractive visual appeal of the end cup with good froth and color

Ease of preparation and convenience

  • Just add tea and stir well. Since Milkmaid has sugar, no need to add extra sugar
  • Consistency in preparation
  • Dissolves in even lukewarm water
  • Milkmaid dissolves completely in water thus no need for straining

Any tea maker would love to prepare tea using Milkmaid due to all the above advantages.

Usage and preparation instructions

Just add 1 tablespoon of Milkmaid Sweetened Condensed Creamer to 150ml of plain tea to prepare a great tasting cup of Milkmaid tea. Add sugar only if required.