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Growing up Milk

Lactogrow, a scientifically superior growing-up milk formula, to provide continuing ‘probiotics added’ nutrition for toddlers

A happy tummy can make all the difference! 

Lactogrow is the latest addition to our world renowned child nutrition range. Developed by our globally acclaimed R&D, Lactogrow is a unique growing-up milk formula fortified with probiotics, including L.Comfortis (a Lactobacillus culture that is a friendly bacteria), vitamins and minerals to stimulate a healthy gut flora, tummy comfort, visual and growth development.

Whilst our popular infant nutrition range presently caters to children from birth to the age of two, Lactogrow supports continuing nutrition for children beyond the age of two right up till five years.

Infant gut microbiota can have certain deviations which could have a negative impact on a child’s health. Many healthcare providers recommend optimised probiotic strains in a baby’s diet to strengthen a baby’s immune system and gut (tummy) health. Probiotics are a type of “good” bacteria which aids intestinal and digestive functions and helps maintain a stronger, resilient immune system.

Fortified with probiotics, Lactogrow’s product tag aptly proclaims “Happy Kids Discover More”, where we know that ‘a happy tummy’ can make all in the difference in ensuring the happy wellbeing and health of a child.