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Nangrow HMO

This is to give the best possible solution to your growing children!

Growing children require good nutrition to assist in the normal mental and physical development as nutrition plays a vital role in supporting normal growth and immunity. Further, the right nutrition at the early stages of life is associated with long-term health.

NANGROW HMO is intended to ensure that the continuation of nutrition is found in the milk formula for children up to 5 years of age. It is enriched with essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to support the normal growth and development of children between 1 - 5 years.

NANGROW HMO 3 is designed for children between 1 - 3 years while NANGROW HMO 4 is for children between 3 - 5 years. NANGROW HMO products also have a naturally active probiotic culture, Bifidobacterium Lactis (BL) that may help reinforce a child’s immunity.

NANGROW HMO 3 & 4 contains:
  • 100% lactose as a source of carbohydrate with no added sucrose.
  • An improved fat composition declared in the ingredients list.
  • Added oligosaccharides and BL bifidus probiotics.

Both NANGROW HMO 3 (for toddlers between 1 - 3 years) and NANGROW HMO 4 (for children between 3 - 5 years) are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, including Omega 3 and Omega 6. The unique fatty acid blend in NANGROW HMO is known for its long-term health benefits. NANGROW HMO 3 further contains an optimized protein blend that helps to supply the right amount of protein to support your child’s normal growth without overloading his or her immature organs.