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Nestlé Nutrition

nestle nutrition

Nutrition has been the cornerstone of Nestlé since1867. Our company was founded on the product Farine Lactée that Henri Nestlé invented to save the life of a child, in turn helping to tackle high infant mortality rates.

Nestlé Nutrition was launched in 2005 in Sri Lanka, to cater to specific infant and child nutrition needs.

The vision of the Nestlé Nutrition business is to help the next generation of children develop their full potential and live healthier lives by providing high quality, innovative and science-proven nutrition for mothers and infants in the first 1,000 days. It therefore believes in “Together Nurturing a Healthier Generation”.

Its product portfolio ranges from infant formulas like Nan and Lactogen to toddler cereals like Ceregrow and growing up milk powders including Nangrow, Lactogrow, Nespray 1+ and
Nespray 3+.

Empowering Sri Lankan mothers with scientific, nutritional information


Our Nestlé Start Healthy, Stay Healthy programme partners with local healthcare professionals to educate mothers to give the right nutrition to their babies. The programme identifies relevant nutritional topics and helps communicate complex nutritional science in a simple and practical way. A non-branded, non-commercial activity designed purely to educate mothers on science and nutrition, the aim of the programme is to make good nutrition a way of life and pave the way for a healthier future generation.