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Milo is our world leading chocolate malt food drink made from the goodness of malt extract and the finest cocoa beans. Whilst Milo powder is enriched with 6 vitamins and 2 minerals including iron, Milo RTD is enriched with B vitamins that support energy yielding metabolism, and made from high quality fresh milk collected from thousands of local dairy farmers. Our entire Milo chocolate malted food drink portfolio is manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory in Pannala, upholding the high quality standards Nestlé is renowned for across the world.

Committed to “Nourish To Go Further,” Milo has been at the forefront of supporting school sports from grass roots level for over 30 years. Inspiring consumers to achieve their best by supporting their drive to succeed, Milo  has been able to encourage hundreds of thousands of children to be physically active, and support many promising athletes in their careers.

As part of Milo’s ambition to help nurture a healthier generation, Milo also hosts an annual Mom, Me and My Milo event focused on encouraging kids to live a healthy lifestyle and promote the importance of a healthy breakfast.

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*100g of Milo powder contains: 21.8mg of Iron, 594mg of Calcium, 1.8mg of Vit.B2, 30.1mg of Vit.B3, 2.3mg of Vit.B6, 3.6µg of Vit.B12, 54mg of Vit.C, and 7.4µgD of Vit.D. 180ml of Milo RTD contains: 0.6mg of Vit.B2 and 0.8mg of Vit.B6